Headlight Restoration Training Program

The HEADLIGHT RESTORATION PROS Training Program is designed to help you start making money right away!  

We have made it very easy for you to learn how to do quality headlight restorations fast and easy!

We now offer a lower cost, much easier to learn system, that will have you restoring headlights for profit right away!

We really want to help you learn how to restore headlights properly!

There are hundreds of vehicles out there that need headlight restoration, so why not cash in on this new business?

You will easily learn how to restore headlights properly and we are here to help you succeed!

The HEADLIGHT RESTORATION PROS  Headlight Restoration Training Program brings professional results- every time!

This is a complete system of knowledge, tools and special materials, plus free marketing materials including a free listing for 3 months in the Headlight Restoration Pros shop directory!

Why not earn some extra cash restoring dim, faded headlights in your area? 

Our easy to learn system (DVD Video) will teach you the entire Headlight Restoration Process.

There are many cloudy, faded out headlights everywhere, why not cash in and make some very easy extra cash restoring cloudy, faded headlights?

We provide an illustrated step by step training video (DVD) that includes the entire process from start to finish.

A Tech Support Line is also included at no additional charge*

*with purchase







Complete Training DVD Video
Dolby 5.1 Sound!

HD Quality!

What you get:

Headlight Restoration Training DVD

Clear Coat Info

Product Info

Materials Info

Step by Step Instructions

Business Marketing Tips 

Free Shipping!